Why study abroad, anyway?

Studying abroad has proven to have a long-lasting impact on academic, cognitive, and social development, especially for students from underrepresented backgrounds. Yes, afterwards you will have a slew of pics ready to flood your timelines with, but, more importantly, you’ll have an experience that will last a lifetime!

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Study abroad data

Several barriers contribute to students of color’s low participation. These obstacles include finances (cost and aid assistance), family, access and awareness of opportunities.

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academic and social benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad is socially, academically, and professionally beneficial. If you choose to study abroad, there is an endless list of positive outcomes that will change your life. Take advantage of traveling abroad and you’ll experience all of the following and more!

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five benefits of learning another language

¿Quisieras saber hablar con millones de personas alrededor del mundo? Hay muchas razones de aprender otro idioma. ¡Haz clic abajo ya!