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Summer 2020

Seville, Spain

In a collaboration with our partner Centro MundoLengua, TOCA students, accompanied by TOCA staff, will study in Seville, the capital city of Andalusia, Spain, where they will discover firsthand the essence of Spain: flamenco, the scent of orange blossoms, flower-decked patios, Moorish palaces and beautiful gardens.


Four Program Components

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1) Language classes

Before arrival, students will take an online placement exam to determine their level of Spanish. Classes will be 3 hours a day with a 30 minute break included. These classes will be interactive and communicative and are not intended to give exams nor homework. All classwork will be done during the class period.


2) Homestay

Students learn about the customs of Spain by living with a carefully selected family. They can live with a friend, or be paired up with a new one. Homestay families will provide full room and board (3 meals per day) and a weekly laundry service. Families will speak in Spanish 100% of the time, helping students practice the skills they are working on in class in real-life situations. Centro MundoLengua is fortunate to have a select group of families that have shared their homes each year since 2005. MundoLengua’s housing director personally visits all of the homes. She also interviews each family member and keeps a written record on each family with past student comments. Students fill out two complete evaluations of their families, in order to be able to address any concerns. All of our families are within walking distance of our school, or a short public bus ride away. Learn more about the major benefits of living with a Centro MundoLengua host family here.

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3) cultural activities

Outside of class, students will:

  • Visit the Royal Palace, the oldest European palace still in use.

  • Visit the Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic Cathedral in the world.

  • Learn to dance flamenco with a certified instructor, then attend a professional flamenco show.

  • Travel to south to the beach side city of Cádiz and have a surf lesson with a private instructor.

  • Discover Granada’s Capilla Real - tombs of the Catholic Royalty King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.

  • Explore the world famous Alhambra Palace, Spain’s most visited monument (now a UNESCO World Heritage site).

  • Kayak on the Guadalquivir River.

  • Participate in a salsa dance lesson or Spanish movie night.

  • Visit the Plaza de España, then the Parque Maria Luisa (Seville’s largest park in the city) and complete a cultural scavenger hunt.

  • Learn to cook Spanish paella in cooking workshop.

…and much more!


4) team building activities IN New York CITY

Prior to our summer departure, TOCA students will engage in team building activities in New York City. Students will organize and run a series of Bingo nights in Spanish at senior citizen centers, visit local museums, attend Spanish language based tours, and more!


For our pilot program, we will only be working with select schools in the New York City area.

E-mail lamar@teensofcolorabroad.org for more information.