At Teens of color abroad…

Our mission is to cultivate the next generation of globally conscious youth of color through full language immersion study abroad experiences.

At Teens of Color Abroad, we understand and emphasize the importance of learning another language. It is too often that students spend years of formally studying a second language in school, and then, are unable to maintain a conversation in that language. We recognize that classroom study provides students with a strong foundation for language learning, but in order to achieve fluency, learners must be fully immersed. And for those who study Spanish in school — in a nation with the second largest Spanish-speaking population — it can still be challenging to become fluent.

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At Teens of Color Abroad…

We understand that providing youth with intensive language training will grant them access to the world at large.

We also see that students of color, especially Black/African-American students, are highly underrepresented in college study abroad experiences. Teens of Color Abroad aims to confront this racial disparity earlier by creating engaging, international study opportunities for high school students that inspire them to continue this journey while in college.

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Because they deserve the world, too.