your career

Employers are increasingly seeking employees fluent in another language. As the workforce becomes internationalized and does business across the world, communication with others in a different language is vital. The younger you start learning a second language, the better at acquiring fluency. 

navigate the world better

There would be no need to use Google Translate to ask even the most basic questions. You’d already know. It becomes ten times easier to navigate a new place if you know the language. You can speak to the locals and access places you couldn’t before.


stand out in your community

In the US, about 22% of speakers identify as bilingual. The rarity of knowing or learning two languages gives you an advantage in your community. There’s an added benefit to communicate with others who don’t speak English, the de facto language of the US. 

connect with others

Open your mind and world by learning another language. You increase your social capital by being able to communicate with a larger group of people. Your network doubles and your access to opportunities and resources does too.


Learn a third, or fourth

There are 6,000 languages in the world. The choice of learning a third and fourth language are endless. You are progressively educating yourself and enhancing your skills to become a more globally-focused professional and citizen. 


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