Academic and Social Benefits to Studying Abroad


Influence Your Calling

Less than 10% of U.S. undergraduate students participate in studying abroad. You would be part of a small pool of students who can say that they’ve had international experience. By planning early and electing to study abroad, these experiences can influence your major, career, and the rest of your life.

Become Marketable

Employers search for job candidates who possess soft skills like adaptability, flexibility, open-mindedness, boldness, confidence, and fluency in a foreign language. These skills are critical to your success as a future employer.

Career Prospects 

Gain a competitive edge by studying abroad and listing your experience on your resume. You can then contribute a global perspective and enhanced skills to your future career. 


Studying abroad will test you in many ways. Students return home with the feeling that they have grown personally, academically, and professionally. The confidence to make difficult decisions are a normal part of living and studying abroad.

Continued International Experience

Your first time abroad may be the hardest. Yet, continued international exposure pushes you to become a full-time student every time. You’ll learn valuable lessons about the world in and out of the classroom. You can take what you learn and apply them to your community, which can serve as a catalyst for change.

Inspire Future Students of Color

Crush Stereotypes

There’s nothing like seeing someone who looks like you traveling too. You can be that person who inspires the next and future travelers of color.  

Here at home and abroad, you are the ambassador of your identity. Although it may be frustrating having to confront the stereotypes most likely spread through the media, it’s a great way to encourage positive understanding of you and what you stand for. At the same time, studying abroad serves to crush your own misconceptions about other groups and cultures.

Explore Your Heritage

Your roots aren’t just here at home. They are also abroad. You can explore your family history and heritage during your time abroad. Your identity is a gift. Why not open it and explore what’s inside?